4th Grade Newsletter December 14-18

Miss Fletcher & Mrs. Wiley's Classes

Happy Monday!

I simply cannot believe how fast this year has been flying by! I am so impressed with how much your children have grown in such a short amount of time. I hope that you are as proud of them as I am. I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for being such amazing parents. Every day I walk into work truly feeling blessed beyond count because of the wonderful children who impact my life every single day. They have taught me so much this year and I know that this is all thanks for some amazing parenting on your part. Thank you for raising such amazing children! You have obviously raised them with care and it shows in their actions every day,

Don't forget about Winter Parties this Friday at 2:00! If you haven't emailed your child's homeroom teacher and let them know that you are attending it's not to late! We would love to see you there!

Completed Science Fair boards are due this week by Friday. I know there is some confusion because the red folder's say Tuesday, but as long as they are here by Friday they will be fine!

Happy Holidays!

-Miss Fletcher

Reading and Language Arts: Wiley


ØWe will finish our Literary Non Fiction Unit that focused on biographies and autobiographies. This week we will review what good readers should use while reading an auto/biography: the setting, text’s special features, the character (the real person), point of view, the person’s challenges, & accomplishments to infer the theme of the text.
Friday, December 18, Biography End of Unit Assessment


ØThe students will use the rubric to review their writing for “a job you enjoy the most.” Students will have close to 2 weeks to work on these in class. As a class, we will go through the steps of the writing process together. Our student’s writing will be kept in their Writing Portfolio’s in our classroom.

ØWe will combine sentences with conjunction words to form compound sentences.

ØThe students will begin republishing their writing from this year with an illustration to be put into their 4th grade published book! J

ØWe will spell words with double consonant in the middle (Hint! Divide the word between the middle consonants!)

Math and Science: Fletcher

This week in math we will be doing a week on Personal Financial Literacy! This is one of my favorite units that we will do. We will begin the week learning about fixed and variable expenses. We will discuss bank accounts, credit cards, and and how to save money. The kids find this unit really interesting and I do as well.

In science we will be going over mixtures and solutions. Students will also have a chance to view the science fair projects from all 4th grade students on Friday!