A1: Connected Rooms

Weight: 7%

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Due: January 26th, 2017

For your first assignment, you will create a small space comprised of 6 rooms using UE4. When building the space, consider how the rooms are connected to one another and the flow from one room to another as the player moves through it. The space should be creative, and you’ll want to ensure that you also consider Z space (the vertical in Unreal, remember!) for full marks. No flat, ranch style layouts please!

Your space must be textured using appropriate materials that ship with Unreal. It’s ok to have fun with these textures, in fact, I encourage it, but make sure it makes sense. Semi-transparent textures on Outer walls will create problems and bugs in your levels. Animated textures can create horrible confusion – use your textures wisely.

The space must also be lit properly and have a player start. Lastly, it should ‘Build All’ properly, and be playable.

Have fun with the space! Consider scale – if the space is too small, it’s going to be really cramped, and be difficult to move around. If it’s too big, it’s going to feel unnecessarily massive, and will probably be boring to traverse. Also don’t forget to take into account the exaggerated, or ‘superhuman’ scale in Unreal. Coming to terms with scale when building things is vitally important before moving on to larger projects.

Once your space is roughed out (called a Blockout, or sometimes Whiteboxing), populate the rooms with some of the sample props provided. Again, think about your layout, and work toward making the space feel “real”

This project is due to be handed in on the server at the beginning of class next week. Failure to hand in the file with the appropriate naming convention at the beginning of class will result in a ‘0’ on the assignment.

Please name your Project:

A1_[yourlastname][yourfirstinitial] (note, do NOT include the square brackets!)