Mid-Quarter Summative

Progress so far in teach me how to study

Skateboard guy

In class we watched a video on this guy who loved skateboarding. He taught us a really valuable lesson! He was talking about how nothing will come easy to anyone and things do take time and you can't give up. He showed us how he wanted to get this trick and he had been practicing so much it took him about 70 tries until he actually landed it, so his point was that some people do take longer then others to accomplish things, but time shouldn't matter, you learn it as quick as you can until you succeed!

Nitro type

In class we play a game called nitro type. Some people might think why would you play games how does that help you in anyway. Well it does, Nitro type is a typing game and the point of the game is to help with your typing, typing faster and helping you with concentrating on the screen and not looking at the key board. Some people really do struggle with typing and It sure does help and you can keep improving your accuracy and typing speed.

Motivation poster

In class we worked on posters, we made motivational posters. This really helped us learn and find out what we wanted because we wrote down things that motivate us and our goals, and some people don't really know what the want yet and making those took lots of time to think and it gave us a good idea about what we wanted to try to achieve.

Independent project

In class we did a project. It was an independent project where we do it ourselves and we picked something that we really love to do or make. We did this because, It's showing who we are and what we love, It motivates us to do the project and finish it because it's something we love to do. If we were to make a project on something we didn't like we wouldn't really wanna even do, we wouldn't take all this time to do it when it is something we don't like. So it really makes it more fun for us.

Following directions

In class we always have to follow directions. Class room directions, teachers directions, and whatever project we are working on. Some kids have a hard time following directions, So when we do this in class it really helps us out because following directions will be so much more easier then trying to figure it out on our own. For example "if we were working on a project and there were a bunch of directions your gonna have to follow the directions and read them all over and over again until you can complete the project, if you try to do it on your own you may not make it right or you will miss a step, so practicing going over the rules is pretty important.


In class we do lots of reading, we read over a lot of things, read our presentations we make, books, directions. Reading doesn't come easy to everyone, some kids struggle with reading, so reading in class does really help a lot. Yes, not many kids like reading but some actually do, some wanna get better. Reading makes kids stronger, it helps them with their futures, reading is super important skill to have!

Fixed/Growth mindset

So in class we spent a couple days trying to figure out what these words mean "fixed/growth mindset". We also tried figuring out which one was like us, if we had a fixed or growth mindset. Most kids honestly have a fixed mindset. The reason we went over these was to see the difference and why kids give up so easy on things they really love or don't like. It's obvious for example (math) not many kids like it and they struggle so they just think they are not smart and are stupid and will never get it so they give up really quick! A growth mindset is when you complete something but you know you still have more room to improve on stuff and you keep trying even if it is hard!


In class we learned about grit. you don't know what grit is, well a couple weeks ago I didn't either. We learned that grit means like a long term goals something you wanna accomplish and achieve. You need to start looking in the future and see what you wanna accomplish and have as your goal in college. There are gonna be a lot of obstacles but if you know what you wanna do for your goal your not gonna give up your gonna push for that goal. The purpose of doing that was to get everyone thinking about their future goals.


In class we did a project on building with K'nex's. The reason we did this was to see if we were able to build the invention by following a rubric. Most people just like to build freely but following a rubric makes it a little more harder but it makes it more challenging and it will make it turn out better because your following the directions and it will make it more appealing. The reason we followed the rubric was to also help our grading to see what the inventions requirements were.

Area's of importance in your life

In class we made a document and had to write down the areas that are important in our life. Why? Because most people don't pay attention to what's really important in their life and it really made us think. It came fast to some people but some people sat there thinking what really was important. Why we did this was to see what was important to us so then we could make a project on what is important to us, something we love, so that it wouldn't be boring doing something that we didn't like. It was pretty interesting!