Egg Drop

Gracie Tallent

Project Purpose

The goal for this project was to re-create a mars landing process. We attempted to do this through using a variety of available materials to create smaller scale “landing equipment.


  • If I use two Styrofoam cups then if one breaks, one will still survive and continue to shelter the egg.
  • If I used some sort of parachute, then the force of impact will be further reduced.
  • If i use tape rather than punching holes to attach the string on my cups, then the string will have a smaller chance of damaging the cup, or disconnecting.

Materials & Procedures


  1. 2 Styrofoam Cups (Different sizes)
  2. 1 Cup Lid (Smallest cup's)
  3. Cotton Balls (A small bag)
  4. Tape (One roll of office tape)
  5. 4 Pieces of String (Thicker than thread)
  6. 1 Plastic Bag


  1. Put a small amount of cotton balls in the bottom of the larger cup, then insert the smaller cup, and fill it with cotton balls, but leave a small amount of room for the egg.
  2. Put the lid on the smallest cup, and tape it to the the larger cup to a point that you can still open it.
  3. Tightly tie the string to the plastic bag, and then securely tape it to the larger cups. Use two pieces of string on both sides.
  4. Clear a small area to put the egg into the middle of the smallest cup, and the design is ready to be dropped!


  • My egg survived all drops, therefore it survived a greatest height of 200m
  • Yes, my design was effective. As a result of the features i used to take away impact on the egg, my egg came out of the tests with no damage.
  • After the lessons we had in class, I determined two things. I wanted to make my design as small as possible, and use some sort of material to create a greater lift. With these things in mind, I was able to get easily accessible materials such as the cups and "parachute". My purpose for using a light-weight item was to produce a small amount of gravity and drag acting upon the capsule, as well as using the "parachute" to produce lift to further reduce negative factors.
  • Most of my hypothesis was correct with the fact that my egg survived. However, it wasn't entirely necessary to use two cups as neither cup busted open, but it did somewhat reduce the taken impact.
  • I could have used better materials to attach everything, and more protective things on the inside of my cup. If I had used something else as a parachute, it may have been more efficient as well.
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