Family changes in the past 50 years

By: Erica Engbretson

Changes since 1960

Over the past fifty years the traditional family has changed dramatically. The traditional family back in 1960 was a happily married couple with their child, or children. One of the major things that has changed with that view is that nowadays 50% of marriages end in divorce, and children from that time period would never even think that their parents would ever split up. But when people hear that people are getting a divorce now, it's not like it's a big deal anymore because of the fact that it happens so much now and people have gotten so used to it happening. A lot of times it seems like people are getting divorced because the parents are too involved in their work and now that it's not unlikely to see that women work and are employed a lot, it puts a lot of tension on the couples marriage. Adults whose parents are divorced are two times more likely to get divorced than those whose parents stayed together. The amount of media between a family has also changed dramatically, with having mothers be in the workforce children have become a lot more involved in the media, from television to video games they have become a surrogate babysitter in many cases. There is also an increase in interacial marriages, which fifty years ago was almost never even heard of and now you see it all the time. One of the big things that still to this day we are trying to get used to is gay marriage. Gay marriage has changed our view of a traditional family because in a traditional family there is a man and a women, not a women and a women or a man and a man. But it's something that we cannot change so we will have to learn to accept it because it won't go away and this is just the beginning of it. Pretty soon people are going to forget that there was ever a conflict with gay marriage because its just going to be a way of life. Our society has changed so much in the past fifty years that sometimes its hard to grasp all the changes, but another fifty years down the road we are going to be facing even more changes. The world will continue to keep changing until the world dies, we just have accept the fact that things change and get used to everything.