Job Myths

Madison W.

Myth 1

The first myth states that women in clerical care make more than trade workers. This is false, because trade worker actually earn more. Also, if you like your job you are proven to do better.

Myth 2

Myth 2 is that men are not nurturing or caring enough to work with small children. This is false because nurturing is a personality trait, not a gender.

Myth 3

The third myth states that women aren't strong enough for trade or construction jobs. This is false because it is mentally hard, not so much physical. Lack of strength isn't a factor of job performance.
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Myth 4

The fourth myth states that men who work in nontraditional careers are not masculine, and women who work in nontraditional careers are not feminine. This is false because you should pursue your career based on interest, skills, and satisfaction, not gender roles.
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Myth 5

The fifth myth declares that females do not have strong aptitude for math or science jobs. Women are still facing challenges in this area because the lack of women mentors.
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