Peel's Secondary Assessment Leadership Team

What is SALT?

The Secondary Assessment Leadership Team (SALT) comprises at least one teacher from each secondary school in PDSB.

Teachers have been working as a collaborative learning and leadership team focused on modernizing our understanding of assessment and evaluation, with a particular emphasis on Final Evaluations for the 2017-2018 school year.

What is the purpose of this team?

SALT establishes a core team of assessment leaders who will

● explore processes and strategies to develop effective Final Evaluations that model fair and equitable assessment practices outlined in Growing Success (2010), Peel’s Empowering Modern Learners initiative, and other resources indicating best assessment practices;

● deprivatize their own assessment practice as part of a reflective process; and

● support colleagues through professional dialogue as they develop their own final evaluations.

What is grounding the work on Final Evaluations?

What are the team's commitments and expectations?

Teachers have attended three full days of Assessment Leadership Camp in the summer. During this time, educators individually and collaboratively started, refined, or developed Final Evaluations that were shared among the team to use in discussions of effective final evaluations.

During the 2017-2018 school year, teachers will be provided with four release days of central support and professional learning to deepen their understanding of assessment and evaluation.

Teachers will also have additional release days to use at the administrator’s discretion to support colleagues through professional dialogue as they develop their own final evaluations.

SALT members have access to a TEAM drive where colleagues share resources and practices.

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SALT launch on June 20th

We launched our collaborative SALT work on June 20th. We grounded our work in a reflective stance and policy.

Assessment Camp

Assessment camp was focused on developing final evaluations. Strategies for backward design, assessment coaching, facilitation, and curricular engagement were modelled.

Building My School's Implementation Plan & Hard Convos

On September 19th, SALT had its first after school session where members shared their experiences and plans so far for the work on Final Evals. Hard Conversations Unpacked was shared to those who were interested for a collaborative read.

A day of learning with Starr Sackstein

The SALT team spent the day with Starr Sackstein, exploring how to empower students to guide their learning, use peer and self assessment and focus less on grades.

Sharing Success and Strategies & Unpacking Hard Convos

SALT members continue to use effective communication strategies through conversation around final evaluations.

Reflecting, Finalizing and Collecting Student Data

The SALT team returned to the reflective practice framework from Teach, Reflect, Learn. We focused on professional feedback from peers on FEs and spent time creating Google Forms to collect students' perceptions of their FEs.