Wash Car Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 2 AM


Brown tape, sugar cubes, tooth picks, stones, cardboard, green tape, dots, marshmallows, paper, sticks, toilet paper roll, cup holder tray.

Our Justifications

We chose good materials because we talked in our group about how important it is.  This is why we used the materials we did.  The marshmallows were used to help make things stick together.  The sugar cubes were used to represent the roof, and the brown tape was used to make the road.  The Dots candies were used to add color to the bridge.  The toothpicks worked well to put the Dots together.  The toilet paper roll was used for a ramp.  The paper was used for the stop sign and roof because it was easy to cut to shape and write on.

Next Time We Would...

Our group probably needs to add to the ramp four more sticks.  This would let the car go over the ramp more smoothly.  It would give it more support.  We would change the roof too.  The paper was starting to fall, so we could maybe build a wall on the side to help the roof stay up.

Members in Our Group

Jack, Hailey, Raelyn