College Fit 101

Tools to help you create your college list

One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether you're new to the college search effort, have a parent who went to college in another country, or just need a refresher, the college application process can be very challenging. To be an informed consumer, Mt. Carmel's counselors believe it is helpful to look at the concept of "College Fit" through three lenses; affordability, academic compatibility, and personal preference. We hope these resources will be valuable as you create a college list that is a perfect fit for you! For a more indepth look at "College Fit", check out College Fit 102.

1. Financial Fit - My Ability to Pay

Unless you have unlimited funds, READ THIS FIRST!

Financial Aid Resources

2. Academic Fit - How Do I stack Up Against the Average Freshman on Campus?

3. Personal Preference and Compatability

My Priorities

What's important to you? Location? Size? Public or Private? Majors offered? Greek Life?

Visualize your Chances!

Various Admissions calculators are available online, here's two:



Naviance has real data based on our own MC Alumni Go To: Naviance - Colleges Tab/Scattergrams

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