Team Cheeri OO's

End of the Month!

What's in your heart?

At the SOAR event in San Diego last year, we got the opportunity to make these adorable origami hearts with Bella! Before we began folding them, we flipped them over and on the backside in the middle we wrote down all our goals and aspirations. Also, I want you all to think about why you joined Origami Owl? Was it for an extra income, maybe to replace an income or for your family? Kids, husband..yourself? Whatever it may be, please make sure you note that in your heart. It's very easy to forget these things but I never want you to lose sight of your goals and why you became an Origami Owl Designer! I posted a link of a step by step to create your heart.

Please make sure you are using O2 connection! It's a great tool to keep your customers engaged by sending them monthly newsletters.

End of The Month!

Make sure to check the back office and see where you stand with your pv! You have ALL worked so hard, I wouldn't want any of you to not make your rank for the month of August! I know many of you are moving up! So exciting!!

Game Time! WHOO Can Guess It??

  • Ok! We are so due for a little Team fun! I have all these awesome gifts I've been collecting for some time now, so start planning on having some kind of contest/raffle every month from now on! YOU deserve it!!

    For April being the BIGGEST month for sales thus far, I want you to give me your best guess of what you think our personal team sales were for the whole month! I'll give you a hint.. monthly sales for March were $19,206.87!! Email me by the end of this month with your answer. GOOD LUCK! =)