Inequallities in the Real World

By: Emily Hunt

First Word Problem

Emily goes to Texas Tech. She has $900 in her savings account. She needs to buy a new Iphone before the next semester. The Iphone costs $600. Every two weeks she withdraws $60 from her savings account for food. How many times can Emily withdraw money for food? Write an inequality to explain.

Solving the First Word Problem

$900- 60t is greater than or equal to $600
add 60t on both sides
subtract $600 on each side
divided each side by 60
5 is greater than or equal to t
Emily can withdraw money from her account 5 times

Second Word Problem

Sarah is cooking cupcakes. The recipe calls for more than 7 cups of sugar. She has already put in 2 cups. How many more cups does she need to put in?

Solving the Second Word Problem

x+2 is greater than 7
minus 2 on each side
x greater than 5 cups
Sarah needs to add 5 more cups of flour

Third Word Problem

The Baking club is sponsoring a bake sale. If their goal is to raise at least $320, how many sweet treats must they sell at $2...

Solving the Third Word Problem

$320 is less than or equal to $2x
320 divided by 2 is 160
The Baking Club would have to sell at least 160 sweet treats to meet their goal

Fourth Word Problem

Avery buys a carton of a 4 hard boil eggs for under $2.52. What is the price range for each egg?
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Solving the Fourth Word Problem

4x is less than 2.52
4x divided by 4 is x
2.52 divided by 4 is .63
x is less than $0.63
each egg is about $0.63

Fifth Word Problem

Steve told his mother that she should put at least 3 cups of Crisco in the cupcakes frosting but no more than 6 cups. How many cups can she put in to make the frosting work?
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Solving the Fifth Word Problem

3 is greater than or equal to c but is less than 6

The Steves mother can put 3-5 cups of Crisco in the cupcakes frosting.

Sixth Word Problem

Jeff is in a Cupcake club. He has to pay a fee of $10 and for every cupcake he buys he has to pay $2.50. Sarah is not in the Cupcake club so she has to pay $4.00 per cupcake. If they spend the same amount of money what would be the minimum of cupcakes that Jeff and Sarah would buy?
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Solving the Sixth Word Problem

$10+$2.50x is equal to $4x

Subtract $2.50x from each side

Then you would have $10 is greater than or equal to $1.50

Then you would have to divide each side by 1.50

You would now have 6.67 = x

Sarah and Jeff would have to buy 7 cupcakes because you can't buy .67 of a cupcake.