Classroom Connections

March 13, 2015

Contact Information

Mrs. Keri Collins #139 voice mail: 810-591-1139

Mrs. Cayla Dowdall #141 voice mail: 810-591-1141

Reading and Writing

In reading, we continue to focus on informational texts and how we as readers analyze for deeper comprehension. We are using textual evidence to support our theories in answering constructed response questions. This week's focus will be on how readers predict meaning, questioning and identification of literary conventions.

In writing we have published our letters of complaint. Our next unit in writing is a research unit. We will be writing a cause/effect paper focused around global topics: natural disasters, ethics, pollution, and deforestation.

Math, Science, and Social Studies


We celebrated Pi Day today! In honor of national pi day tomorrow, 3-14-15! Students created Pi People, and even enjoyed some delicious pie. Next time you are in the building check out our Pi People in the hallway.

We are still working with fractions. Students now know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions by fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers.

Up next we will be learning to graph on coordinate planes. We will be creating coordinate characters which is a fun activity students usually love!


We just finished refreshing on the states of matter. We will continue with matter, and add energy in the mix! Ask your student to describe to you how a root beer float represents the three states of matter.

Social Studies

Next week we will finish our unit on Europe and Russia. We have studied the geography, government, and economics of both places. Next we will move on to Central America! This is fun unit, students love when we have our Fiesta Day! This is a day where we bring in food items representing certain places. What is better to help learn about culture than food?

Upcoming Events

March 23 HIV presentation

April 3-12 Spring Break