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Help Animals be Health

About Veterinarians

Vets protect animals health with medicine, surgery, and giving information about animal health to pet owners and animal caregivers. They deal with pet owners as much as they deal with animals. Vets also work with all kinds of animals even healthy ones.

Branch of Science

The career of a veterinarian belongs in the branch of life science. I think it belongs here because it doesn't deal with earth (nature), and its not physical. And it is all about life, because it deals with living things (animals).

About a Vets Job

Many of the vets specialize in medical fields like oncology or neurology. Sometimes they specialize in pets or livestock. About 28% of the vets are self employed. Vets need to have a license. Training usually lasts about 6 to 8 years after high school.


Vets earn about $65,290 per year (national average). When a vet first enters the job they get paid about $23.46 per hour, and $48,790 a year.

Education Path


A Pre-Veterinarian Medicine as a major or degree. One school that is offering this program would be University of Wisconsin Green Bay. This college is located in Green Bay Wisconsin, and the setting of the school is suburban. It's public, and it is a university. It is also within 4 years of college. The student ratio would be 25:1. The average class size is 28 students. An average high school GPA of entering freshman would be 3.25. Some helpful high school courses students should take would be advanced math, science, English, and social studies. Other helpful high school courses would include animal science, chemistry, public speaking, and statistics and probability. I chose this college because I already know my way around Green Bay and the college is in Green Bay. I also chose this college because its closest to my family.