Easton Brown

7th Hour


  • Union Valley Elementary
  • Prosperity Elementary
  • Prairie Hills Middle School
  • Buhler High School

Favorite Memory: Winning the 3 on 3 basketball tournament our middle school hosted in the spring.

Colleges I would like to go to:

  • Kansas State University
  • Kansas University
  • University of Oregon


My Family

I have an 15 year old sister (Averie) who is now a freshman at Buhler High School and I have a 25 year old brother (Bretley) who has been out of college for about 3 years and now lives in Wichita. My sister plays volleyball and runs track while my brother was involved in a lot of activities in high school including soccer, basketball, and golf.

My mom and dad have been together for 20+ years now. My mom (Heather) is a dental hygienist and my dad (Todd) works for a title insurance company. Both of them attended Hutchinson High School and my dad was involved in a number of different sports.

I have two dogs and they are named Izzy and Gabby. Izzy is almost 10 years old and Gabby is almost 5.

Health Concerns

I have no health concerns.

Contact Information

Mom's Name: Heather - main number

Dad's Name: Todd