Invisible Populations

Raise Awareness By: Emily King

Things Not Seen By: Andrew Clements

  • In the book Things Not Seen Alicia felt invisible like Bobby but in a different way because of her disability.
  • In the book Alicia is expressing her feelings by saying “ Well, part of that was because that’s exactly how I felt that first morning, the whole first year when I was suddenly the little blind girl. It was like I became invisible" (Clements 106).
  • This is important because it is explaining how there are different types of invisibility not just physically invisible.

Homeless Children By: Newsela

  • In the article Homeless Children these children are not finding any help and they were ignored by others.
  • In the text it said “The number of homeless children in America is at an all-time high of 2.5 million, according to a new report.”
  • This is an important piece of text evidence because it shows homeless children don't matter to people and no one is there to help them.

The Circuit By: Francisco Jemenez

  • In the article The Circuit the family has to keep moving and they can never stay in one place for too long.
  • In the article it said “As I got off the bus, my little brothers and sisters ran up to meet me. They were yelling and screaming. I thought they were happy to see me, but when I opened the door to our shack, I saw that everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes” (Jimenez 71).
  • This is an important piece of text evidence because it showed how Panchito and his family always had to move and they could never stay in one place too long which affected Panchito’s life because he never had any real friends.

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