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The Bystander Effect | The Science of Empathy

Do You Jump In Or Standby?

Happy Superbowl Sunday Patriots,

I hope you have all had a weekend full of rest, relaxation, and all of the Super Bowl sliders and jalapeno-covered table-nachos that your stomach could handle.

This week I stumbled upon a video that described a phenomenon I had never heard of before. It's called "The Bystander Effect." As not to ruin the results of the video for you, I won't go into a lot of details, but in short, it is all about what impacts a person stepping in when they can see that another person is in need of help vs. when a person just stands by and watches another person struggle.

This got me thinking about how many times I have stood by while I watched someone that could have definitely used a hand. I know for sure there were times that I could have helped people unload groceries, taken their carts back, helped to pick up garbage, or even just stopped to ask someone if they are okay when they are visibly upset. Then I got to wondering why I only stop part of the time rather than every time. I mean, wouldn't I want someone to stop and help 5'2" me when I am very obviously (and dangerously) climbing on the flimsy grocery store shelves in search of my favorite sugary cereal that is just an inch or so out of reach??

Patriots, as we head into this next week, I encourage you to check out this video and then be hyper-aware of any opportunity to help ANYONE in need this week. Be the person that stands up, rather than the person that stands by.

I can promise you one thing for will never, ever, regret being too kind to someone.

I challenge you to be generous until it hurts.

As always Patriots, you are LOVED!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

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Enrollment Information Central

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The 22-23 lottery for newly enrolling students for next school year is running on Thursday 2/10/22 and all open slots based on currently enrolled students who said they are not returning to Providence Hall next school year will be immediately filled. So, if you told us your student would not be returning to Providence Hall next school year (22-23) but now you want your student to return to Providence Hall then you need to complete a NEW Enrollment Intent Google Form to let us know your change of plans before Wednesday 2/9/22!

Did Your PH Enrollment Change For Next Year?

Anytime between now and the 22-23 school year starting, if your PH student's status for next school year changes from what you submitted in a previous Enrollment Intent Google Form, then you (parent/guardian) need to immediately complete a NEW Enrollment Intent Google Form with another response to let us know of the change of plans!

(Please note that PH fills open slots for next school year with students on the waiting list once the lottery runs, which means if you are changing your mind after 2/9/22, then you may need to re-enter your student in the 22-23 lottery/be on a waiting list to attend PH.)

· For current PH students who will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade next school year (22-23):

Click here to complete a New ELEMENTARY Enrollment Intent Google Form

· For current PH students who will be in 6th, 7th or 8th grade next school year (22-23):

Click here to complete a New JUNIOR HIGH Enrollment Intent Google Form

· For current PH students who will be in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade next school year (22-23):

Click here to complete a New HIGH SCHOOL Enrollment Intent Google Form

Congratulations to our Patriots PRIDE Students of the Week

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Our Patriots are doing some AMAZING things here at PHJH and we wanted to take a moment to share with you who has been nominated as our Patriot PRIDE winners this week. These students have been nominated by our STUCREW for being examples of the values we believe in here at PHJH. Congratulations Patriots!

8th Ocean Stewart was caught being dedicated in class by having a good attitude and perspective in doing her classwork!

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7th Emillia Fry was caught being ready and engaged this week for all of her classes!

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6th Isabella Gutierrez was caught being engaged in the science lesson on Thursday!

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Vote on Which Socks Get Added To The PBIS Store!!!

Hey Patriots,

We have a great opportunity to add some custom PHJH socks to the PBIS student store.

We would like YOU to pick which ones get put in the store. Please complete the form below with your vote for the top three.

Now Hiring At Providence Hall

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Peer Conflict Vs Bullying

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Hey Patriots,

As is the case, for as long as schools or any establishment involving people have been around, we often are put in a situation to try to mediate a variety of issues between students. I have noticed a trend in the last few years, where whenever there is an issue or fallout between two individuals or groups of people, we often hear the phrase, "they are bullying me."

While bullying is a very real problem across the world, I often find what is really happening is a peer conflict, and can be easily resolved with mediated discussion with both parties in the room. As you are talking with your students this year, I urge you to start by asking the question, "Is this bullying, or is this peer conflict?" If it is a conflict, as painful as it is, I encourage you to work with us to teach students how to resolve issues in person with a mediator involved rather than via text, social media, or just switching out of a class to avoid them.

Conflict resolution is a valuable skill that will be used through all stages of life and is a skill that can be taught.

Please check out this article from PACERS National Bullying Prevention Center. It will help with some definitions and how to identify and navigate this issue when talking to your kiddos about the subject.

Why Conflict Isn’t All Bad and Why No One Ever Deserves To Be Bullied

If you are in a relationship with another human being, whether it’s a good friend or just someone who sits next to you in school, the chances are pretty good that you will be in conflict with that person at some point or have already had a conflict with that person. Where there are two people in a relationship, there likely will be disagreements and changes.

One friend might want to play video games; the other might want to go outside. One friend wants to go shopping; the other really doesn’t like shopping. Your classmate always wants to be first in line and so do you. Your brothers fight over who has a bigger part of their room, trying to make sure it’s exactly the same down to the inch. Things like that happen every day.

Conflict is a natural part of human relationships as people grow and change. Even though it can cause us stress and can hurt, conflict is not bullying. Conflict happens between two people who are equal in the relationship (think: friends or classmates or co-workers) but have two different points of view about what’s going on. Sometimes this escalates into a disagreement that’s so strong people become really emotional. There might be strong words used and lots of big feelings involved. It may take time to sort things out.

In conflict, when things are equal between people, both sides usually want the issue to be resolved. They don’t want the conflict to keep going on; they want to make things better and they want the relationship to continue in a healthy way. Neither person wants to keep hurting the other, so both people will try to do things to improve the situation. Sometimes, conflict can even be helpful in a relationship that needs to change, providing an opportunity to improve something that’s not going right between the parties.

With bullying, the person (or group of people) who is doing the bullying means to hurt the other person. The hurt or harm is done on purpose to make the bullying target feel like less of a person. There is always something unequal about the relationship between the two people; maybe the person bullying is physically stronger and creates fear because of that, or maybe the person bullying is more popular and has the kind of social power that can turn a whole group against one person.

Whichever type of power a person with bullying behavior has, they will use it over the person who is being bullied to make them feel less than who they are. Of course, the person who is being bullied does not want this treatment and did nothing to deserve being treated this way.

Bullying scenarios might look like this: Someone convinces a group to tease another student based on their looks; someone threatens to beat a person up because of how they talk; somebody posts something untrue and hurtful online about someone else; or someone trips a classmate and makes everyone laugh at the person falling down. The harm is done deliberately and the intent is to cause the other person to suffer in some way.

The bullying behavior is usually repeated, or threatened to be repeated, over and over. Someone who is bullying may decide to leave out a friend by giving them the cold shoulder and excluding them from group activities. Someone may use a false statement or other mean words toward another every time they see them or go on social media in an attempt to damage their reputation. Even the threat of behavior like this causes unwanted and undeserved pain for the target.

Think about it this way:

  • Conflict, while sometimes uncomfortable, can be an opportunity for equal partners in the situation to learn how to solve problems. This will happen by both people working the problem out through healthy and positive means.
  • Bullying is done by someone perceived to be more powerful than the target and is unwanted, negative, and meant to cause harm to the bullying target through physically or emotionally damaging means that are repeated or threatened to be repeated.

The next time you are in a conflict with someone (and there will likely be the next time!), try and remember that inside every conflict is a hidden opportunity to make your relationship better by learning to speak up for yourself and express your needs. Remember that conflict between two human beings is normal and is bound to happen.

Remember as well, that bullying is not the same as conflict. Bullying is meant to cause hurt or harm. Bullying is not something that anyone deserves to have to happen to them and they have the right to feel safe.

Conflict Resolution

The difference between bullying and conflict is important to note because conflict resolution or mediation strategies are sometimes misused to solve bullying problems. These strategies can send the message that both children are partly right and partly wrong, or that “We need to work out the conflict between you two.” These messages are not appropriate in cases of bullying (or in any situation where someone is being victimized). The appropriate message to the child who is being bullied should be “Bullying is wrong and no one deserves to be bullied. We are going to do everything we can to stop what is happening to you.”

Did You Know PHJH Now Has A Peer Tutoring Program?

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Check Out The Big Changes Happening At the Junior High Next Year

Peer tutoring is a new program that has been in place this year at Providence Hall. This program is a chance for students to work in the special education setting and with students who have disabilities. Since the beginning of the year, this program has blossomed and all students are learning new and amazing things all while developing new friendships. These students learn how to work in different environments with different subjects ranging from core academics, electives such as intro to dance, and functional skills which can include cooking basic recipes. We hope to continue seeing this program flood with students and watch more friendships build and create the community feeling in the building that Providence Hall creates and strives for every single day.

Providence Hall Patriot Pathways

CODE TASK Act of Kindness (Not a word this week...Read directions below.)

Patriots, it is very important that you stay informed. If you have read this far in the newsletter, then you have found the code task for this week. Email this a picture of you doing an act of kindness for someone else and send the pic, your names, and a description of what you did to Mrs. Summers to be put in a drawing for a chance to win a weekly prize!

Need some ideas?

We've got you!

  • Give a genuine or silly compliment to anyone and everyone.
  • Write down what you appreciate about another family member and pass it along.
  • Check-in with someone who’s sick.
  • Ask if you can help someone who may be having a difficult time in life right now.
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you.
  • Say, “Thank you. Have a nice day” to someone who holds the door for you.
  • Make a card for someone special.
  • Walk someone’s dog.
  • Ask a senior citizen about their life story and truly listen.
  • Give a hug to a loved one or friend.
  • Clean up the mess made when in the cafeteria
  • Lend a hand to someone doing yard work.
  • Donate to a homeless person, perhaps give them some food.
  • Leave a kind server a generous tip.
  • Smile big at a random stranger, just because.
  • Help another parent out with a stroller or carrying things.
  • Hand out random notes that say nice things to people you pass.
  • Give away stuff for free online or to a local needy family.
  • Give someone a book that you no longer need.
  • Give our parents or grandparents a call just because.
  • Volunteer at a community event
  • Pick up trash in a parking lot
  • Drop off cookies at a friends house
  • Check Out The Newsletter From Our AMAZING PTO

    Girl's Basketball Is ON FIRE!!!

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    Below is the Girl's Basketball schedule. You can also find the schedule on the PHJH App with one click of a button. If you have time, come out and support our girls. They are on fire this year, and love to hear the crowd!!! You will also get the special treat of getting to see our PHJH Dance team perform during our home game half times.

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    Due To The COVID Closure We Had To Move The Dance To March 11th From 6:00-8:00

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    Hey 6th Graders...Get Excited, It Is Time To Get Your 7th Grade Vaccinations

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    A Wise Word From Our Amazing Nurse Mrs. Ponce


    This is just a friendly reminder that your 6th-grade students will need to receive some updated immunizations prior to entering the 7th grade. So as you are making your way to their well-child checks with their doctors, just be aware they will need 2 or 3 immunizations. They will need a dose of Tdap (tetanus-diptheria-pertussis), and Meningococcal. And if they haven't already received it, they'll need a 2nd dose of Varicella (chickenpox). They will not be able to attend classes next year until their immunizations are updated. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks so much

    Check Out What Mrs.Olsen And The Nutrition Services Crew Has Planned For Lunches The Week

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    Please Check Out This Information on Upcoming NAEP 2022 Testing

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