Chapter 15.1 Outline

Pages 314-326

Consumer Protection

This section was about all the types of things that help aid and protect consumers against unfair and deceptive practices.

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

This section was describing the things that deceive buyers


This part was talking about adds that scream at you 'Earn Hundreds of Dollars From Home" and how much of a scam they are

Unordered Merchandise

This section is about receiving things that you didn't order. Saying that you ordered one thing but got something completely different. That my friends, is illegal.

Bait and Switch Advertising

This is a situation when stores advertise for something like a sale but it ends up not happening or being a fake.

Negative Option Rule

The Cooling Off Rule

This section just described the "Cooling Off" rule. What it does, is it gives you three business days to cancel any contracts or purchases of or from a business. The rule only applies to a purchase of $25 or more and it has to be made at the buyer home, workplace, or dormitory.

Telemarketing Sales Rule

This rule protects you abusive telemarketers. Like... did you know it is illegal for telemarketers to keep calling you after you've requested them to stop?

900-Telephone-Number Rules

If you call a 900 number, you actually get charged for the call. Some 900 number will tell you that you will be charged but others just don't tell you.

Shopping by Mail, Telephone, Fax, or Internet

The FTC has established rules to protect you when ordering things through technology. Sellers must ship the goods within the time they state. If the time isn't stated, then it has to be delivered within 30 days after receiving the order. You are allowed to cancel the order if those standards are not met.