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Dynasty Begins

King Sargon II? What do you think?

King Sargon is very ill and going to die, so he named his son king. King Sargon was a good king, creating the first official army, but do you think his son has the potential? Uprising plans are being held in the main ziggurat at Babylon. Anyone is welcome.

Ashurbanipal - Good or Bad?

Everyone knows about Ashurbanipal. The cruel yet smart king of the Neo-Assyrians. We know how mean he can be. If a killing happened he wouldn't think twice about it. Although that is true, Ashurbanipal is one the most intelligent kings Mesopotamia has ever had. He came up with an idea to collect thousands of pieces of text on clay tablets and store them in one grand place. If you are of high rank and literal, you can even go in the text room and learn so much information!

Hammurabi's Claim

Everyone knows about this new set of written laws called Hammurabi's Code. It is a set of 282 laws written on a stele. It covers just about everything. Anyway, new information has been leaked about Hammurabi's Code. Hammurabi claims that these laws were god inspired. That means that the gods have sent down messages for each of these laws. Also, a lot of people have already died or drowned in the lake because of those laws. Even if they were innocent. I don't think the gods would want to hurt us like that. Is Hammurabi lying or can we not trust the gods anymore...

The Crazy Queen Shagshag

There is this queen named Queen Shagshag who went a little extreme with help. She had 150 slave women, one female singer and several musicians, 6 women to grain ground, 15 cooks, 27 slaves doing menial work, 46 men and women for brewery, a wet-nurse and a nursemaid, personal servants for her and her children, and one hairdresser. Thats certainly excessive!

Brother Betrayal

Have you heard the latest news? Enheduanna, daughter of King Sargon, high-priestess of Moon-God temple, has been striped of her title by her own brother! Since King Sargon died, a new king has come to power. King Sargon also made the first dynasty. That means that the new ruler is really King Sargon's son. That also means that Enheduanna's own brother made her of lower rank! Now, Enheduanna spends her day's writing poem's about how sad she is because of the unfortunate event that has happened to her.

King Zimri-Lim

King Zimri-Lim is a good king of the city-state Mari. His people respect him for his good leadership. Except his daughter is a complete spoiled brat. She was in training to become a priestess, which is the highest ranked job for a girl (besides queen) and she was complaining for not having good enough beer. King Zimri-Lim is a great king, but shame on you for raising that brat!

Gilgamesh has Found a Friend

Supposedly a big man named Enkidu that was dropped in Sumer to overthrow Gilgamesh has really become Gilgamesh's best friend. Also, the gods created this unusual man. Does that mean the gods will help all of us? Does that mean the "great" Gilgamesh is done with the Sumerians? Hopefully all of this is true. Or maybe their isn't even an Enkidu...

Gilgamesh is on the right, and Enkidu is on the left

Nebuchadnezzar's Kind Gesture

Nebuchadnezzar the great king has given a very nice present to his wife. His new wife, from Persia, has been very homesick lately. So, to make sure she doesn't go home, sent Nebuchadnezzar to root out all the plants around her house in Persia and replant them all around the palace. How great is that! Image what he would do for Babylon!
Babylon: The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis

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