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Time To Know More About Meridian Treatment Solutions Inc

Early recovery relates to readjusting to a life with drugs. Achieving as well as maintaining sobriety needs a lot of lifestyle changes, relationship challenges and coping mechanism in everyday life. All these changes cause people to relapse, especially during the early recovery period.

Here is a list of common struggles faced by addicts while in early recovery.

• Being around people using drugs: being around those who make use of drugs can be extremely difficult during the early recovery phase. A few sights and sounds can trigger cravings and makes it difficult to abstain from them. In order to safeguard yourself from such temptation, you will have to remove any drug present in your home and also ask others who live with you or visit you to avoid bringing it. It is always good to make new friends and acquaintances; make friends from your drug rehab center San Jose. Also indulge in new hobbies and activities so that you make new sober friends.

• Being irritated or angry: small cases of irritation or anger can triggerintense feelings during early recovery which will in turn lead to relapse. Other difficult emotions such as depression and anxiety, which were present before but had gone away due to drug use may relapse. Don’t be afraid to deal with anger and irritation as they are common emotions and need to be dealt with without substance abuse.

• Loneliness: recovery means rebuilding your life and not simply stopping the use of drugs. When you stop the use of drugs, you open space for other things. It is upon you to fill up that space. It might take time and cause you to feel lonely and bored. To fill that gap, indulge in new activities and revisit old passions.

• Happiness: this might come aa a surprise to you but just as negative emotions can trigger a relapse, so can positive ones. Getting a promotion, going on date etc. maybe very exciting but would also be a source of stress. During the early recovery period positive emotions can be overwhelming and you may relapse into drug use.

• Insomnia: during the early recovery period many people suffer from difficulty in sleeping and this contributes to a relapse. The best approach to this problem is exercising and creating a calm and peaceful environment around you to help you rest.

At Meridian Treatment Solutions, a lot of stress is given on these factors and addicts are trained to deal with it. These daily life occurrences can greatly influence the early recovery period and therefore a lot of care needs to be taken. Meridian Treatment Solutions Inc ensure that patients are able to settle back into their normal life easily.