TVUSD Staff Update

Friday, January 8, 2021

Newsletter Topics

  • Employees of the Year Nominations due January 11 by 5:00 p.m.
  • COVID-19 Employee Resource Website
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Update from HR
  • COVID-19 AB685 Required Employee Notifications from HR
  • Current Positive Case Numbers Reported to TVUSD Within Last 14 Days
  • How to Report a Positive Test or Direct Exposure
  • Employee Testing Resources
  • Status of Hubs
  • Status of Reopening Plans

Employees of the Year Nominations Open Until Monday, January 11 5:00 p.m.

Click here to Nominate!

You don't have to complete a nomination for each category. There are seven sections to the form, so scroll through to make the nominations for the categories you desire. BE SURE to complete the last page with your information and hit SUBMIT! DUE BY JANUARY 11 5:00. P.M.

EVERY person you nominate will receive a letter letting them know they were nominated!

Selections will be announced between January 12-15.


Important Employee COVID-19 Resources and Updates

A dedicated website has been created to keep TVUSD staff informed about COVID-19 related resources, processes, and protocols. Please bookmark the following page for future reference and check it weekly. All items in this newsletter can be found on the website.


TVUSD Employee COVID-19 Health and Safety Video

Reporting A Positive Test or Direct Exposure

Topic Highlights:

  • There is a process to report positive tests or direct exposures.
  • DO NOT report to your work location if ill, positive, or you have had direct exposure.
  • Use the color/photo buttons below to report.

TVUSD employees who have a confirmed positive COVID-19 test or direct exposure to a positive COVID-19 individual are requested to follow the procedures outlined below. There are strict timelines associated with reporting and ensuring we respond, so your use of the systems in place will ensure we respond to your needs and meet our requirements.

  1. DO NOT report to your work location. Stay home.
  2. Please call your immediate supervisor and report your COVID-19 positive test or potential exposure.
  3. All employees who have been required to report absences utilizing the Frontline - Absence Management (formerly AESOP) in the past will continue to do so.
  4. If required by your position, you will need to arrange for a substitute through the Frontline - Absence Management System.
  5. Report via the processes below. TVUSD is contracting with a company called Maxim to assist employees with initial responses and support. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL RISK MANAGEMENT DIRECTLY for reporting purposes.

Click on the appropriate button below and follow the process to connect with a confidential representative who will assist you and expedite the process on your behalf.

Any employees who have enrolled students and need to report a positive test result for yourself and exposure or positive test for your children can submit via the employee system above. You will be asked during the process of close contacts. There is also a separate reporting process for non-employee families of students located here.

TVUSD Employee Testing Resources

Topic Highlights:

  • The district is not required to test employees until we can return to on-campus learning.
  • County resource links are provided for personal testing.

The District's requirements to test employees goes into effect once we are legally allowed to return to on-campus learning.

There are currently many free testing options, including through the Riverside County Department of Public Health, your healthcare provider, and many drug stores and private labs that may bill your insurance.

Additionally, the City of Temecula maintains a full list of available COVID testing resources. We encourage you to visit their page for available options.

The City of Murrieta has also posted resources here.

Status of General Ed Support Hubs and Special Ed Learning Centers

Topic Highlights:

  • EL hubs are targeted to reopen on January 19, 2021.
  • All other hubs are targeted to reopen no sooner than January 25, 2021.
  • All reopenings are dependent upon local case rates and indicators.

We want to update you regarding TVUSD's special education learning centers and general education support hubs. We have been monitoring our county and district positive case rate numbers to determine the feasibility of reopening our hubs safely. Unfortunately, due to the steady increases, we are not anticipating reopening TVUSD general ed or special ed support hubs sooner than January 25, 2021.

The only exception is our EL hubs. We are currently targeting January 19, 2021, to reopen our EL hubs, if possible, due to the significant loss of learning these students are experiencing with no connectivity access in their homes.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate weekly for any potential change to our plans. Should we be able to open a hub sooner, we will provide an update. This update is also being shared with TVUSD families today.

Current Reopening Status

Topic Highlights:

  • TVUSD is not legally able to open - we remain in the purple tier.
  • Local cases and indicators continue to increase.
  • The earliest date for reopening remains January 25, 2021.
  • Campuses, processes, and protocols are in place.
  • The Governor has issued a new plan; details are still being evaluated.
  • The elementary waiver is awaiting county approval; TVUSD is proceeding with elementary staff assignment notifications in preparation for waiver approval.

Riverside County remains in the most restrictive purple tier. This means that, under current guidelines, we cannot legally open schools for in-person instruction until our county moves back to the red tier. We continue to plan and move forward for TK-12 grades by preparing school campuses to return to in-person hybrid instruction models within the red tier. Any return is contingent upon Riverside County's status; however, our campuses, protocols, and processes are established and ready. Before the winter break, we shared that, based on expected surges in COVID-19 positive cases, TVUSD would not be looking at reopening sooner than January 25, 2021. This timeline and associated plans remain in place, and we continue to watch and evaluate local indicators.

Also, last week, the Governor announced a new plan for reopening schools. A return under his new plan is predicated on our local county having fewer than 28 positive coronavirus cases per 100,000, required employee and student testing, and the development of a new COVID-19 Safety Plan. However, this is contingent on the County achieving an adjusted positivity rate of 28 or less per 100,000. This plan is still not formally approved; it will be put for a vote within the Legislature on Monday, January 11th. A summary of the plan is available here.

Elementary School Waiver

TVUSD's waiver for TK-5 grades to operate within the purple tier is on file with RivCoPH. They have advised that they are currently on-hold with approvals until case positivity rates begin to decline. To ensure we are ready should our waiver be approved, elementary administrators are continuing to contact families and confirm families' preferences regarding hybrid, flex, and online learning models in alignment with staffing. Preliminary staffing assignments will be shared with elementary staff beginning next week.

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