The Hamburger

By: Adam Weber and Andy Parker period 5

Creation of the Burger

In the mid-1200's, Genghis Khan and his fierce mongol army, were amazing warriors. But like everyone else, they needed food that they could eat fast. So they put ground beef under their saddles as they rode into battle, so at the end of the battle, it would be ready to eat. it is still used today as a fast, on-the-go meal.

How it has changed

Khan's grandson invaded Moscow and brought the food with them. The Russians adopted this form of food and called it "Steak Tartare". Russian chefs added raw eggs and onions in 1238, and it was finally turned into the filet patty that we know today in the late 1800's. In 1885, The burger adopted it's name and was put between two slices of bread by Charlie Nagreem.

How engineering contributed...

Science contributed to burgers by the discovery that ground beef could be put between two pieces of bread. Technolgy contributed by creating the combination of a food that would be easy to eat and not messy. Engineering contributed by designing a visually pleasing food that would still be easy to eat. Math contributed by creating a good serving size. The area of technology is production.
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1. mid 1200's- invention of the burger

2.1238- Russians added raw eggs and onions

3. late 1800's- turned into filet patty

4. 1885- adopted it's name and was put between two slices of bread

Impact on the World

It has created an easy, on- the-go food choice, but at the expense of obesity. creates new job openings for people with little to no experience in the work force. it has created a base for other foods like a breakfast patty.