Career Development Project

By: Tevin Moore

My family

My family clusters are pretty much helper and enterprising but i am different because i am realistic and tied with artistic and social, in my family it is my mom, 2 brothers, and mom boyfriend.

My interest

I like playing sports working with my hands and creative and like hanging around people

My skills

I am good at sports, good at video games, and being a good role model for my family, which i worked very hard for. Sports and video game designer

My multiple intellegence

Doing stuff with my hands

Being creative

And being social with people plus helping people

My values

My top three life styles are.

1. Health

2. Love

3. Family

Now my top three work values are.

1. Career

2. Hope

3. Development

My career cluster

My career cluster is Arts, Audio, Video, Technology, and communications.


My activities in school was chess club(vice president),

Ways that i can improve on

Get to my goals as being good at school participate in more stuff and be in the NBA or the NFL and play some college. Get just a little bit better at stress. And help my family in these hard times.

Its all good

What makes me happy is being with my family, helping them, and take care of them. What makes me proud is when i am doing something that my family love. And also I am satisfied were we are at.


Every new day is a chance to change your life.

Life is a gift never take it for guaranteed.

What is my furture

Someday i am going to be in the NBA.

Maybe even the NFL.

Someday i wan to be a good student and be smart.

Someday i want to be a video game designer.