Opening the Gifts in Young Adults

BridgeGroup - Spring 2014

Come on down to Oak Cliff for some young adult fellowship!

830 Misty Glen Lane, Dallas, TX 75232

Fridays from 7pm – 9pm

Contact Info: Tim Hadley -- or (214) 202-9267

What is this group all about?!

We are the Ambassadors of the Kingdom, redeemed by Christ! It is our generation that is now up to bat. We come from every walk of life and we bring the Power of God everywhere we go. From the workplace, to the classroom, to the living room, to the streets, and back to the Church, we are the Called.

We await God’s command and we seek His purpose and plan. We are those filled with a Holy passion for our weapons of warfare are not carnal. We seek after the understanding of the Spiritual Gifts the Lord has given us. Because that’s where His power is. That’s where the Kingdom is. That’s where our purpose is ignited. This is where Heaven meets Earth.

Come be restored, renewed, and launched every Friday from 7pm – 9pm. THIS is what happens when heaven invades earth.

Last Friday's Bullet Points from 3/21/14

We brainstormed for our first group outing/outreach! Sounds like a fun BBQ/picnic at the park it is!

We also talked about the importance of godliness (spiritual training) and how the Bible tells us that God will always exceed our expectations when we step out in faith.

This-coming Friday's Bullet Points for 4/4/14

We will wrap up details for our Jesus party at the park!

Time to get the scoop on UNLOCKING THE GIFT OF TONGUES!!!

A new faith exercise and whatever else the Spirit leads!

A Word from the Lord

Keep your eyes wide open, and do not fall asleep in this time of potential growth and spiritual development. Watch and be amazed at the signs that I will show you--things that are undeniably My work around you, says the Lord. And, when you don't understand the meaning of the sign, ask Me what it means, and I will give you the interpretation. You will be delighted with all that I will show you if you are aware and pay close attention.

Acts 2:19a "I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath."

BridgeGroup ... Guaranteed to be edifying and exhorting!