Cultural analysis of Italy

By Chris , Anthony, and Edison


-Italy is located in Southern Europe and borders Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and France.
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Generally Italy has a cool climate with small rain showers occurring often.

There is a population of 59.8 million and that seems to be slightly growing

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The current flag of Italy has three vertical stripes of red white and green.

Italy's is a republic but previously was ruled by the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

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Italy is most well known for its soccer, basketball, and rugby teams.

It is common to hike,ski, and cycle across Italy with the beautiful landscape.

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Italians speak Italian.;)

Multiple festivals are held every month in different parts of Italy. Many are religion based and are some of the biggest festivals in the world.

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Other interesting info

Italy is the most crowded nation in Europe and is home to Rome which is almost three thousand years old.

Italy is also the birthplace of brands like Gucci, Prada,Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Versace.

63% of Italy's income comes from tourism alone.

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The Italian economic status can be broken down into 3 main classes: the rural petite bourgeoisie(most of the population), self employed professionals, and white collar middle class

Their main exports are textiles and motor vehicles while their main imports are food and beverages as well as engineering products.

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In the earliest days of Italian culture religion varied from person to person.Now, Approximately 80% of all the people in Italy are members of the Roman Catholic Church. The other 20% are diversified.
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