Civilization Project

Celia Cooper


My civilization is called Leo. It is located in France, Europe. The absolute location is 49*N, 1*E. My civilization is located in the North- east hemisphere. The topography that you will find in my civilization are oceans, rivers, and mountains. A common natural disaster that we have are floods.


Annual Rainfall: 34 inches per year!

Growing Season: A four season climate!

Natural Vegetation: Mixed Forest!

Land Use: 40% of land: Freshwater. 50%: Oceans. 10%: Mountains.

Population: 18,600 people!

Map of Leo.

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Leo has a very unique government. Our government is called a Demonarchy. Our queen rules all of Leo. All people have a decision in the making. The queen decides what decision is best. All citizens in the civilization of Leo have one role, and the Queen’s is to rule the people of Leo. Our government is broken up into three leons. The keepers, the faes, and the caballeros. They all give suggestions to the Queen. The queen decides on what is best.


The Romans had a tripartite government. My government as well is split into three branches of government. Like the U.S, we have a democracy. All people get a say in government.


Our currency is called euros.

We have a supply of lead, metal, salt, gold, cows, horses, and sheep.

Our civilization has a high demand for salt.

We have a surplus of lead, gold, beef and milk.

Items that our scarce in our civilization are salt and metal.


  • Berber Traders traded salt with other civilizations for gold.

Leo's Currency.


What is the meaning of culture? Culture is the way a society lives. What they eat, what they wear, what traditions they have. Well, today you're going to learn about my civilization's (Leo's) culture.


Queens help protect the people Leo, and make the decisions. The are at the top of society.

Faes are in the middle of society. They teach the lessons of Celesse Clymon.

Caballeros are also in the middle of society. They fight off enemies and keep scrolls locked away.

Keepers are at the bottom of society. They record times, important dates, and events in Leo.


Leo invented the hot air balloon. It allowed the citizens of Leo to travel easily.

Leo also invented the stethoscope, which was an amazing advance in medicine.


Our religion is called vingoism. All citizens of Leo practice meditation, teach the lessons of Celesse Clymon, believe in reincarnation and karma, and pray only to god.


Two traditions in Leo are for our people to practice meditation and for men and women to go to war after completing college.


Celesse Clymon Journee.

World de Pari.

Voyage around the World Journee.


Crepes. A thin pancake made with fillings like nutella, honey, bananas, etc.

Beignets are a square of fried dough eaten with powdered sugar.

Quiches. A savory pastry made from meat, seafood, cheese, and/or vegetables.


Leo speaks French.

Our alphabet is called Anastasia L'ecreture.


Similar to Ancient Greece, it is a tradition in Leo for men and women to go to war. Even though in Ancient Greece, women weren’t allowed to go to war. My religion is similar to Hinduism and Buddhism because both religions practice meditation and believe in reincarnation and karma.

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Leo's Alphabet; Anastasia L'ecreture.