February High School Happenings

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Gananda Central School Make Good Choices Ms. Fee


On Friday, January 17, the high school kicked off a campaign to honor the legacy of Ms. Fee. The 'Make Good Choices' Campaign launched to recognize students who exemplify the "Make Good Choices" motto and will be acknowledged throughout the school year. Students shared a video of the ways that Ms. Fee inspired them with their fellow classmates and teachers. We are #GanandaProud of our students for uniting in support of each other to make good decisions.

Miss Fee Inspired Me
Gananda Yearbook Fundraiser

Student Congress Activity Night February 1st 7-11

The Gananda High School Student Congress will be holding an activity night for the high schoolers on Saturday, February 1st from 7-11pm. Pizza and other snacks will be served and it will cost $10 to get in. There will be lots of fun activities including a class competition. Seniors will have the opportunity to stay the night for a lock-in and leave at 7am and their admission will be $15. Come join us for a night of throwback fun!

Gananda Math League Meet February 6th!

February 6th is the date of the Home Gananda Math League Meet at the HS from 3-5:30. All students 9-12 are encouraged to participate and we are in need of adult volunteers to help with the run of the competition. Reach out to Regina Swartout if interested... Rswartout@gananda.org.

After Hours School Entrances

Office hours are 7:00-3:30, Monday – Friday

For after hours sports activities, please use the gymnasium entrance off Eddy Rd.

For school sponsored non-sports events, the front entrance off of Wiedrick Rd. may be used.

Advertising Spots are Available in the Yearbook!

If you are interested in having a spot for your business in the yearbook this year, please contact Alison Chevier or Christina Seidel for more information. A business ad costs $50. Senior parents can place ads as well with various costs depending on the size.

New Option to Report Student Absences

You can now report your student's absence online - you can access it under the HS Parent tab or on the HS Attendance/Health Office page. If you student will be late, unable to attend or is leaving school early, please inform the Attendance/Health Office. Contact Mary Green with questions at mgreen@gananda.org or 315-986-3521, x3160.

Health and Attendance Office News

For all attendance matters you can contact Mrs. Mary Green at 315-986-3521, 8, 3160 or mgreen@gananda.org

  • Family ID opens on February 9th to register for JV and Varsity Spring sports. Physicals can be uploaded directly to Family ID. Spring sports start 3/9. www.familyid.com is the website
  • It is a NYS requirement for all 9th and 11th grade students to have physicals and submit a copy to the Health Office.
  • Please fill out the Over-the-Counter medicine form with your student's pediatrician and forward it to the Health Office for the coming school year. Reminder - the form requires a physician's signature.
  • If your student needs prescriptions while at school please fill out the Permission to Administer Multiple Medications form with your pediatrician and forward it to the Health Office for the coming school year.
  • New attendance form option - check it out!

Guidance Office News

Mrs. Mary Crelley, Guidance Counselor and Assistant to the Principal


Mrs. Kristen Kelleher, Mental Health Counselor


Work Based Learning

Look at the WBL postings on our website for job openings and shadow opportunities!

Work Based Learning webpage

This month:

February 5th - ACCES VR meetings

Mrs. Audra Marang, Work Based Learning Coordinator


February 1st:

  • Student Congress Activity Night
  • Senior Lock-In

February 5th:

  • ACCES VR meeting
  • Report Cards Published
  • Ineligibility List Posted
February 6th
  • Math League Meet at Gananda
February 7thFebruary 8th
  • ACT
February 9th

February 13th

  • Sign Off Sheets Available

February 14th

  • Ineligibility List Revised

February 17th

  • Winter Recess Begins
  • Offices Closed

February 24th

  • Classes resume
February 27th
  • 7:00 National Honor Society Ceremony

Schoology is the Learning Management System utilized by the HS

Schoology is the Learning Management System utilized by the HS. Here you will find information regarding your students schedule, coursework and grades along with other valuable information. For more information check out this article.

Please contact us (email hgravesmarkham@gananda.org) if you need to change or correct your email address in our system.

Gananda Central School District communicates information through a variety of ways to ensure our parents and community are informed. As a reminder, if you are not receiving phone calls, emails, or text messages from the district and you would like to, please contact the public relations office directly at GanandaPR@gananda.org. The contact information that we have on file in the parent portal is what we use to contact you, so if it isn't up to date, you may not receive our communications. You can also receive information on our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/GanandaSchools and/or our Twitter handle at: @WeAreGananda.

ID Required to Enter Gananda HS - please bring your driver's license when you come in!

Ruben A. Cirillo High School uses the same Raptor visitor management system that the Middle School used. The system provides an overall safer environment for our students and staff by enabling us to check visitors, contractors, and volunteers in the high school building. All visitors to Ruben A. Cirillo High School will need to present a valid ID to be scanned into the Raptor system. For our incoming Freshman parents and guardians, the Middle School system does not transfer over to the High School so you will need to provide your license the first time you enter the school. Once you have been scanned into the system you should not need to provide your license again.