Ethan Simms

Video Games and Me

Video Games, My Favorite Hobby

I've been playing video games since I was three years old. They've been a big source of entertainment and wonder for me as I've grown up, and have helped teach me a variety of useful life skills, as well as give me the drive and gumption to strive to do my best. In fact, they've even inspired me to become a computer programmer so that I can help make games as well. In all, video games are an important part of my life, and are something that I will always cherish till the day that I die.

My Favorite Game, Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is probably the first game I ever truly enjoyed. It was a collaborative effort between Disney and a video game company called Square Enix to share the wonder of Disney characters in a fun, hack and slash environment. This blew my little three year old mind away; the game was so much fun to play, I just knew that I wanted to make games and share the feeling of amazement I had felt with others.

My Favorite Genre, Role-Playing

Role-Playing Games, or RPGs, often feature a character that you yourself create and design, followed by an epic quest that your avatar embarks on to achieve their goal. Games like these often have mulitple endings, and have many different ways you can play and enjoy it. It's this feeling of control over the world that makes me so drawn to RPGs. Games like Pokemon and Skyrim are examples of the RPG genre and how great it can become.

The Worst Game I've Ever Played

I've played quite a few games in my time, but out of all of them, no game has ever been as bad as the game Time and Eternity. After playing it for three minutes, I've come to the conclusion that it is truly horrible. It is set in a visually jarring and un-appealing overworld with terrible in game battles that are boring and confusing with too much happening at once. This game is something that should never have existed in the first place.

My Favorite Gaming Console

I've had quite a few consoles as I've grown up, but my favorite one is probably my Playstation 3. I've always used Playstation consoles since I was a young boy, and they are something that I will always cherish as I grow older. With many great games, this is definitely my favorite gaming console out of the many that I own.
Super Mario Bros. - Overworld Theme