Average American Colonial Life

Colonial American Life

Yates C

The boys who are exceeding the age of 14 would do many things. They would hunt if they lived in towns like Lexington they would be parts of hunting clubs. Therefore they would hunt. Also if the parents were farmers they will help out. They also would find themselves in very dangerous situations. Most would get themselves thrown in jail or they end up starving because they would not go to get food. The boys would also have to do the dirty work of the family. Sending a letter boy would deliver it. Kill a man or pay others the older ones would end up doing that. The boys never had the best life but hey its life.

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Clothing in Colonial America

Zach M

Clothing in colonial America is very different from Clothing today. Women Wore long elegant dresses. If a woman showed either an ankle or an elbow it was considered in appropriate. If a women was in her night grown she was considered naked. Men wore heavy sometimes leather coats and breeches (pants). Also most civilized men wore white powdered wigs to Show there Wealth and importance.

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Colonial America can be found anywhere

Charles C.

A painter by the name of Eric Sloan, moved to Brookfield, and started to notice the early American countryside. He saw barns, springhouses, and other outbuilding that put together the farmstead. He put an article in the Yankee magazine that read, “I found that the pioneer countryman was peculiarly aware of the sky, with an extraordinary knowledge of weather because his daily living is so depended upon it. The first object to study became the central theme of his painting. The object was central to rural life. He changed in focus from the sky to the spirit of the early American colonist, after he found an incredible object in the barn, on a stack of hay. After this incident, he always flowed a stream of books about colonial America. He added onto his career in painting by starting to write, also. His writing and paintings covers the early American experience.

Colonial American life back then

Perry k.

The Colonial American Life started out in New England. The colonial Life did not have technology like ipads and iphones and computers. They did not have washers and dryers so they had to hang there cloths outside on a wire to dry. They also worked in the barn and out on the fields. They also had to hunt for food with spears and fish for fish. They also had to make their own houses out of wood and they got their water out of a stream or a brook. It was really hard for them to work in the field because they had to do it all by hand. They did not have medicines to cure there health when they were sick. The colonial American life had to cut there fire wood themselves and make it without gas in a fire Pitt.