Secret to Nuclear Fusion Unlocked

Talen Hurd and Megan Etowski harness the sun's energy

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At 5:31 in the evening on February 30th, Scientists Talen Hurd and Megan Etowski made an amazing breakthrough: they were able to use nuclear fusion on Earth. Hurd accidentally pressed a button that could have destroyed the entire plant. However, instead it created the perfect environment for nuclear fusion. For millions of years, this reaction was known only to sun; now, it can be used as the energy pathway for the world. This lab, based in Lesotho, makes it possible to combine elements to make energy of unimaginable power. While nuclear fission splits elements apart to make a little power, fusion combines them together to make even more power. However, the fault used to make fusion reactions must be absolutely locked and protected or anyone within a 50 mile radius will be blown to smithereens. Etowski says that this can transform the world of energy, lowering energy rates and creating a world of limitless energy.