Dreams Made Real

move to the new england colonies!

The New England Colonies consists of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The longest river is the Connecticut River, which flows from northeastern New Hampshire, emptying into Long Island Sound. The largest lake in the region is Lake Champlain, which is in between Vermont and New York. In these, big rivers and lakes, you can get water or cool off anytime!

You Can Live Here! Move Now!

The New England Colonies religion was mainly Puritans. Other believers were not allowed to worship freely. Now, the Puritans have mostly lost their power and since other large groups from different backgrounds (it could be you!), different varieties of religions are accepted. It doesn't matter what religion you are,unlike other colonies, just come on over! Another thing to add to the long list of why you should live here, is that we set up the first public schools, where rich or poor kids are allowed. You can't get this anywhere else! Come on over and you won't regret it!