Bunny Rabbits

Our Little Hoppers By: Austin Felton


Welcome to my presentation on rabbits! My name is Austin Felton, and i'm a free user, so i ran out of fliers, so i had to make a new account for this. But it's still as great as ever! So, without further adue, lets begin the show!

Need-To-Know Facts

We should start off with some need-to-know facts about these fuzzy-tailed wonders! First, rabbits are herbivores, and eat grass, forbs. and leafy weeds. A group of rabbits is called a warren. Rabbits are usually 1-4 pounds. Rabbits can live 4-7 in the wild. Rabbits live in burrows they make underground. Rabbits are usually brown, white, black, gray, or duff. Rabbits are mammals. Male rabbits are called bucks, and female rabbits are called does. A young rabbit is called a kitten.

Rabbit health

You don't have to give a rabbit a bath. They groom by themselves every day! A rabbit's teeth never stop growing it's whole entire life. Speaking of teeth, rabbits have 28 of them. Rabbits sleep about 8 hours every day.

Bunny records

Some records for these fuzzy-tailed wonders are!:

The largest litter of baby rabbits ever, is 24! The heaviest rabbit in the world is named Darius, and is 50 pounds! The oldest rabbit ever was 16 years old!


Cool Rabbit Facts

Warning: These facts may astound you so much, you will pass out. Thank you!

Rabbits in the wild live in groups of 50-100! Rabbits are about 8-20 inches long. Rabbits can run 30-40 MPH! Rabbits can jump 36 inches or higher! A rabbits whiskers are as long as the rabbit is wide. rabbits are born blind, and without fur. The average heart rate of a rabbit is 130-325 beats per minute. Te scientific name for rabbit is Lepus curpaeums. The last, and most astounding fact of all, is that...LEPUS CURPEAUMS ARE SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blind-cannot see

Buck-male rabbit

Burrow-tunnel underground, where many animals live

Doe-female rabbit

Groom-animals licking themselves clean do this

Kitten-baby rabbit

Litter-group of babies born together

Lepus Curpeaums-scientific name for rabbit

Warren-group of rabbits


Rabbits by: Louise and Richard Spilsbury

Wiki by: Many People