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What can the Streaming Player really do? Here is our report.

What is AirTV Player?

The AirTV Player from the USA offers endless possibilities for home entertainment such as TV with antenna without monthly bill and Internet connection. This special device allows its users to watch what they want and when they want. You can use the player to stream your favorite shows, watch movies from popular TV companies, and even access apps through Google Play. With this special Internet-connected antenna, you'll benefit from cable, Internet and WiFi on a single platform with no strings attached.

Why do I need this streaming player?

With great certainty, the main reason why people are shut down by their cable subscriptions is the outrageous bill they get every month. Even with the basic package, your cable bill could be the reason you can't go out so much or eat so generously in your favorite restaurant.

But what exactly do you pay for? Cable subscriptions offer you a package (some channels you may not even look at) and keep you trapped for two years!

Most shows can be streamed online through one of the major media providers. The only thing to watch out for is the infectious desire to watch your favorite shows in endless loops!
One reason people have cables is to keep up to date with local shows. There's no argument that we should all know what's happening around the world, but people turn to the Internet to get news. It is more informative, more convenient, accessible on any device and the information is endless.

Another misleading factor that encourages people to commit to contracts is the idea that a "package" is always the better offer. Internet and cable go together like peanut butter and jelly, but what if you could get both for the price of one (this is a glass of peanut butter with free jelly on the side!)? Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?

Would you believe that you can have all these things without a monthly fee? Cable, streaming, local programming and broadcasting and even access to thousands of apps? All you need is an Internet connection and you can enjoy the cable at a great price!

The AirTV Player is a single TV platform that offers a wide range of home entertainment without monthly cost. No complicated instructions, no extra parts, no heavy lifting required! If you have an Internet connection, a TV and an antenna, your player is ready to go!

AirTV Player Rating and Recommendation

Many people tie themselves to their legs to watch cable television and are therefore very limited in terms of both programme selection and costs. All this doesn't have to be because of the AirTV player, which offers you all in all for TV without the monthly bill and at a very reasonable price! Now you can simply watch everything you want at any time. Cable and Internet - everything is included in a single platform and you're not trapped in a subscription trap where you can't get out and have to pay for channels you never watch. Just a few simple steps, an antenna, a TV set and a good Internet connection are all you need to watch your favourite programmes around the clock.

AirTV Player technical facts

  • A box
  • A remote control
  • Endless possibilities for TV without monthly bill

Start with streaming local channels over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. All you need is an Internet access and an antenna. Then connect the AirTV player to your TV and set it to your favorite local program.

Combine the adapter with your existing antenna to increase your range, expand your network coverage, and get more channels without any monthly fee! This replaces your cable so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of channels (which you'll never watch again) and never have to pay a bill again!
Start saving bills and contracts, and by the end of the year you'll have saved a good amount of money for more important things.

With AirTV Player, you can stream your favorite shows, media, and movies on all major media providers including Sling TV, Netflix, and YouTube. It's compatible with Android TV to access thousands of apps in Google Play! AirTV Player also supports 1080p HD and 4K Ultra HD on selected media providers for amazing quality and clear images.
It's incredibly easy to use - you won't believe it until you try it yourself! Even the remote control is designed to do all the work for you.

The Player Remote features voice integration, Bluetooth connectivity, and one-touch access for streaming and browsing all your media service providers.
If you weren't sure whether it was really the right decision to "cut your cord," the player puts it in an amazingly handy box.
AirTV Player Features

AirTV Player Test

This new product was promoted everywhere in the US media in 2018 and it is said that over 22 million Americans cancelled their TV subscriptions the year before to buy the free TV player. Many Americans use cable TV, but are trapped for years in this subscription, with costs skyrocketing, and they have to pay for channels they never watch. In this way, there has already been a run on this innovation in the USA, which makes television cheaper and easier. All you need is an antenna, a good Internet connection and a television.

AirTV Player Reviews and opinions

Such a device, which connects both cable and Internet with each other and thus the annoying cable television is omitted, seems at first too beautiful to be true and only an antenna, an Internet connection and your television are necessary. Many annoying transmitters that you never watch anyway are omitted and therefore a high fee that flutters into your house every month is also omitted. Whether this innovation really has as much to offer as it promises, everyone has to test it out for themselves.

A user of this device writes that his device usually does not work at all, the operating instructions are not understandable and the device often has quirks and simply switches off occasionally. Despite a functioning antenna and Internet connection, it does not work! He was very disappointed and expected something better.

Another user, on the other hand, enthusiastically reports how everything works wonderfully for him and how he actually has to pay less than before with his normal cable TV. In the beginning there were short problems with the internet connection and the antenna, but they were easy to fix. He could only recommend it.
AirTV Player

Where can I order AirTV Player?

The AirTV player can only be purchased in the USA via the manufacturer's official website, where discounts are offered. So you get a discount of up to 30 percent when buying an AirTV. If you buy two sets, you get one for free and if you buy three sets, you get two for free! Plus, for a small extra charge, you get a lifetime warranty on your devices if they need to be repaired or replaced. Whether these discounts and also the free shipping apply to countries in Europe is not clear. However, since prices are also quoted in euros, it could also be shipping to Europe.

Who is the supplier of the product?

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