The Battle for Wandla.

By Tony Diterlizzi and the genre is Fantacy

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In the picture above.

The story takes place in a futureistic world were everything is destroyed and in ruins, just like the one above. The area is pretty much destroyed and abandon. This one girl named Eva nine, who was alive before everything happened she had job to do, but she failed and the world went in a crises.

The characters.

The characters of the story are, Eva nine the one who failed the world, hailey a perfact pilot, cracnog the best stealer, and crank the main enemy.


In the beginning Eva was dreaming about when she failed to save earth, but then she was awoken by a beast that tried to kill her. Then hailey came in and took the bite for her, he was badly damaged, so they went to take shelter in a cave. In the middle they had found Cracnog who had stolen their supplise. They all got in an argument, and didn't acheive anything what they did do was give away their area so sand snipers can come. At the end eva finaly got Crank away from all life on earth, so then the world came back to life.


I recomend this book because it would realy interest you at the biginning. Also because the characters are so unique in a way.