Lego Robotics

Session 2

Week 8 of Lego Robotics!

Our second to last session was completed today and students were given the time to focus on adding design elements to EV3 and programming EV3 to do whatever they chose. We wanted to give the students the chance to play around with EV3s capabilities and play around with programming options.

Team Electic Bananas was using the programming remote control to have to EV3 grab a cuboid with its arms, move in a figure 8 shape, then place the cuboid down somewhere else.

Team Banana Monkeys was working on making EV3 "ice skate" and respond to commands from the remote control application.

Next Week!

Next week students will be our final Lego Robmotics Session. Students will get to spend a few minutes playing around with EV3s capabilities and will ultimately take apart EV3 and its components and clean up their kits for the next session of Robotics students.

Lego Robotics Applications!

The image below shows the applications that students downloaded today and will use throughout our session. The most used application is the Programming Application.

Students will be able to use "code blocks" to program their robot. Code blocks have coding for specific actions, students can make changes and create specific commands to program the EV3 to move in certain ways.

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