Sunday Announcements

February 7, 2016

GIN System

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PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend. We had a wonderful time at NCTA but missed all of you!

As a reminder, I ask that you refrain speaking to any media that may be on campus regarding recent events (IFC), as it is against national policy and strongly discouraged by Cornell Panhellenic. You are welcome to refer them to Cornell Media Relations at Again, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

I hope to see you at events this week but if I don't see you have a relaxing February break and safe travels if you're leaving town.

Much love in AOT,

VP Member Education Elise Czuchna emc289

Hello all! We missed you all while at NCTA! This week is a really exciting week for New Members though! Tomorrow at midnight the Emerald Sister forms will be due (this is going to be filled out by PC '16), and you will know your Emerald Sister by Tuesday morning. Tuesday from 6pm-7pm will be the Emerald Reveal. This will be another matching reveal, so be thinking of possible pairs, and I will send out the spreadsheet to sign up for those when I send out the list of Emeralds. Also, have another $5 gift to give to your Emerald Sister. We will be having s'mores and hot coco after the reveal.

This THURSDAY AT NOON the preferences for Big/Little are due. I know this is fast approaching, but use Wednesday to go on sister dates with your Pearl/Emerald and other PC '16 members. You will find out your Little on Friday morning. This weekend is February break and it is the perfect time to finish all of the shopping for Big/Little week. Remember, the budget is $200. Big/Little week will be Wednesday-Friday, and reveal will be Saturday morning, February 20th at 11:00am. Expect to arrive at the house at 10:30am that morning.

Also, I'm having the New Members continually add their info to this spreadsheet. Feel free to look at it to get to know them better!

Super excited!



VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

Please fill out this survey to give feedback about spirit week and FMR! I want next year to be a great experience for all of us! It's completely confidential/anonymous/only I will read it so spill your guts.

peace, love, mango-a-go-go,


Hey ladies!

I need some help getting the house back together after FMR. please email me (cld73) if you want to volunteer an hour of your time this week to help out. You will receive two points in the "other" category.

Much love in AOT,


VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85

Hi friends!

No chapter this Sunday because it is FEBRUARY BREAK! So our next chapter will be on Sunday the 21st! Check out Gin for events for this month! I will keep updating the Gin calendar with events in the coming weeks!!!

VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

Lunch in letters this week: WEDNESDAY @ Trillium with Michaela, 12-1:30, and THURSDAY, 1-2:30 @ Trillium with me. If anyone wants to do another lunch in letters this week, let me know!

Keep sending me pics on Wednesdays of you in your apparel!



Hi Friends!

I'm going to try something new this week and post the points form as a question on GIN! It will still be open for 14 days! If you do not answer it in that time period, it will be permanently deleted :( so answer on time! (Some of you haven't filled out any forms yet...) Email me with any problems you may be having! I now know how to retrieve usernames, so please forward the announcements to your friends who still aren't on for whatever reason so they can get the info they need.

Trivia: what was the name of the conference council went to?

Gin gin gin,


FINANCE Arielle Anderer aea68

Magazines are extended until February 15th! Gooo sell $40 worth.

Get recruitment receipts in by Tuesday.



Appointed Officers

Fitness - Katie Barlow

Gymming in letters this week @ Helen Newman:

Monday: 7-8AM

Wednesday: 7-8AM

If you can't make those times, you can still get a group of sisters together and work out in letters together!