Copyright Unraveled

Mrs. DeJong's Digital Graphics and Animation Class

Station 1: Introduction - What is copyright?

Station 2: What does it mean to me?

Select 2 of the following articles to read with your groups members. You can each choose two different articles to increase the knowledge for discussion and activity.

- Minnesota woman to pay $220,000 fine for 24 illegally downloaded songs

- Downloading Music Illegally: Playing the piracy game

- 16-Year-Old Downloaded Songs, Now Charged $675,000

- Online Piracy Sets Sail on the Web

  1. Discuss with your group what you have read.
  2. As a group, use the markers and paper at your table to create a quick flyer or sign that warns fellow students about the dangers of downloading copyrighted material.
  3. Take a picture of your flyer with your iPad and submit it in your DGA Learning Hub. Click below to access the assignment. Remember to attach your picture and include all of your names in the text box provided.
    - Copyright Warning Flyer Assignment

Station 3: Why is copyright important?

Watch the video below. Then use the graffiti wall to answer the following questions. Think before you post!

  1. Describe something you have stolen that is copyrighted that you know you shouldn’t have. (Remember, copyright protects books, magazines, online articles, songs, screenplays, podcasts, and software until they are in the public domain.)
  2. On another person’s description of stolen information, explain who was affected by the theft and an alternative way you could obtained the same material or somewhere you could have found material that you could legally use.
  3. After you finish your post, click on the link below and see what you know about copyright.

Music Piracy PSA

Station 4: Fair Use

Watch the following video. Then click on the corresponding link below to answer some forum questions in your DGA course on the Learning Hub.

- A Day Discussions

- B Day Discussions

Copyright Education User Rights, Section 107 Music Video

Station 5: Citations

  1. Click on view the following webpage about citing visual resources. View and walk through the steps presented. State College of Florida Libraries You will be using this information to cite 3 images found online so view the material closely.

  2. Click on the link below to open your assignment in your DGA Learning Hub course.