The Bulldog

The Fable

BY Charlie Graven

There once was a bulldog, he though he was the strongest and meanest bulldog there was. No one had the guts to stand up to him. One day a small poodle wandered into town "I would like to challenge the big bulldog to a weight lifting contest" , said the poodle. Everyone in the town chuckled, "there was no way you will win, you're was just to small", said a towns dog. Everyone doubted the little poodle. The bulldog said, "you are pathetic" The poodle replied," you'll see" But to everyone's surprise the poodle was stronger and he won! Everyone cheered and the poodle said," I won, I won". The bulldog replied," Im sorry for judging you I wont do it again good job".

The Moral is don't judge a book by it cover!