Noticias (News)

1. Make sure you are reading our class news events! There are helpful links and files for audio, grammar, and more! I have been sending extra worksheets via email as well. Feel free to do them and send them back to ensure you are understanding grammar concepts.

2. Grades for 18,16, and 14 week schedules have been updated. Please use your parent portal account or have your student open up his/her grade book to see the most current grade.

3. The 12 week schedule begins on Monday, September 15 , 2014. Welcome 12 week students! Watch under "Course Information" for your welcome chat link.

4. Look below to see some fabulous student work! I am so excited about their projects!

World Language Speaking Contest

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 6-8pm

This is an online event.

Come show of your newly acquired language skills! You will meet with one of our teachers and speak Spanish for a bit. What a neat thing to put on a college resume! Look at our home page soon to sign up!