Simon Birch

By: Alice Schmid


I think that the theme should be, "Faith and trust in what you do can bring you a long way in life. " Simon always did that. He kept on going even through tough things. He also didn't care what people thought of him.

Simon's Character-

Simon has a very bubbly personality. He cares about his friends, especially Joe. Simon is also very outgoing and gets in trouble a lot. Simon says "God has a plan for me, I know it". Simon has always believed that God has had a plan for him. He Is very stuck on something once he thinks it .Simon loves to swim and do other activities with Joe. Simon is small and looks a little different, but he never lets that get in the way.

Joe's mom dies-

Simon is not very good at baseball at all. Finally he actually hit the ball for once. But when he does it hits Joe's mom write in the head and kills her. Simon feels so bad about that and says sorry a bunch of times to Joe. Simon can not express how sorry he is for Joe, but Joe forgives him.

The Bus Crashes-

On the way home from the retreat the bus takes a little turn. The bus driver must dodge a deer. They take a wrong turn while doing that and end up in a lake/river. Everyone eventually get out except Simon and another kid. Simon found the child and helped him because his foot was stuck. Then Simon got him out the window safely. In Simon's eyes this way God's plan.

Simon Dies-

After the big bus crash Simon was in the hospital and died. Joe was with him by his side all through it. Simon died from the bus crash because he was in the cold water for a long time. Joe was very sad about Simon's death but he still went on without his best friend.
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