Mrs.Vandaan is a Jewish woman that had to go into hiding with her and her family during the Holocaust. They came into hiding with another family the Franks. She is an older woman, with a son and a husband. She is very materialistic, she likes her things. For example is that she loved her fur coat her dad gave her. She and her husband (Mr.Vandan) have lots of money!

#1 theme

The theme having faith for coming out alive is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. There are a few spots where I saw this during their stay at the annex. Anne has lots of faith that her and all of her family and friends would get out alive. She kept her faith alive by saying, “For myself, there are so many things. To ride a bike again, to laugh till my belly hurts, to have new clothes from the skin out, to have a hot tub, to be back in school with my friends.” (401) through all the hard times Anne still has a strong faith of getting out. Another spot where faith is showed is where Anne says, “I shall definitely let my children read her.” (394) Anne is very faithful that all this sadness with go away and one day she will be able to have kids and let them read her favorite author.

#2 theme,

The theme haveing hope and courage during difficult times is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. There are a few spots during the stay at the annex where the two families kept their hope and courage during hard times. The Hanukkah celebration a their broke into the store. The families were very heart broken and scared. But Mr. Frank kept the hope and courage alive by saying, "Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us. We were sure it was the end. But it wasn't the end were alive safe." (409) . Through the hurt and the sadness Mr. Frank kept reshoring them that the hope and the courage were still there for than and for the future.


I choose a penny to represent Mrs.Vandaan because she and her husband are very wealthy. I know this because she has things like fur coats and nice things. She always says things like “He always bought the best that money could buy.” (385)

Not only was she born into wealth, she also married into wealth. Her husband is very high up in the business world.

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Symbol 2

I choose a piece of material because she is very materialistic, she likes her things. For example her dad gave her a fur coat before he died. I know that she really loves this coat because she said, “Now look what you’ve done you clumsy little fool! My beautiful fur coat my father gave me. I could just kill you for this. I could just kill you.” (388) This shows that should would go a very far way for her fur coat.

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