Fruit Kebabs with Vanilla Yogurt

Tamara Constantine LG7

Fruit Kebabs with Vanilla Yogurt

Made by Tamara LG7



  1. 4 bananas
  2. 1 box strawberries
  3. 4 kiwi fruit
  4. 4 mandarin
  5. 200g can pineapple pieces, drained
  6. 8 bamboo skewers
  7. 220g low fat vanilla yogurt

Step 1-

Peel the skin of the bananas and cut them into eight pieces.

Step 2-

Wash and dry each strawberry and cut off the ends of the leaves. Cut them in half.

Step 3-

Peel the kiwis and cut them into four wedges.

Step 4-

Peel the mandarins and take the segments apart.

Step 5-

Open and drain the can of pineapple pieces.

Step 6-

Push a piece of strawberry, banana, kiwi, mandarin and pineapple onto a skewer. Repeat this step until you have eight fruit kebabs or until all the fruit is used up.

Step 7-

Serve with low fat vanilla yogurt and enjoy!!