The Mayan Genocide

Stages and Facts

Stage 1 and 2

In 1492 when Columbus discovered America the Spanish immediately began exploring. They explored all the way into South America. Along the way they met various groups of people including the Mayans in Guatemala. Immediately they began separating themselves form the Mayans and wouldn't allow them to wear anything except their traditional clothing. This lasted and was nothing serious until the later 1900's.

Stage 3

In the 1950's civil war began in Guatemala and the Spanish forced the Mayans to live in poor areas. The Spanish had caused the Mayans to become forcefully impoverished.

stage 4 and 5

The Guatemalan government begins preparing its army in the 1960's to stop protest. They began sending out troops for tasks and jobs.

Stage 6

In the 1970's the Guatemalan Government begins creating camps or taking over rebel bases to use as concentration camps. They began sending out troops to use force.

stage 7

In the 1980's The Guatemalan army destroyed 600 villages, killed over 2 million people in 10 years. And created hundreds of mass graves.

Stage 8

After signing a peace treaty with the UN in the 1980's the Guatemalan government denied everything in meetings and acted like nothing happened at all. Protests were formed and the protestors were kidnapped or arrested.

Genocide Summary

Spanish exploration led to a long period of separation between the Spanish and The Mayans of Guatemala. After nearly 5 centuries conflicts appeared and the army responded and exterminated the Mayan people of Guatemala. After which the completely denied everything and treaties with the UN were established.
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