Weeding and Inventory Edition!

OPALS Tips & Reminders, May 2016

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Weeding / Deleting

After weeding books off the shelves, be sure to delete the MARC records. Or at least change the item status to "withdrawn."

Deleted Item Report

If you need a list of what you've deleted during a certain time period, this report can help.

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Ryan's inventory tips!

Various thoughts to consider before you begin inventory.

Inventory with Worth Data Tricoder scanner

If you are using the portable inventory scanner. . .

Inventory with laptop

Using a portable laptop-type computer? Try these instructions. . .

A grid for keeping track. . .

You need to keep track as you go, so you don't skip or repeat areas. This grid will help.

Contact information

Please call or write if you have inventory questions.

I am in and out during the summer. But I check my e-mail often, so please don't hesitate to drop me a line.