Steve Irwin

The Things He Did,What He Was Known For, And How He Died.

Steve Irwin.......His Life

Steve was a good man he was an entertainer he loved animals he had his own TV show about them to he would either catch the animal or look at it and tell you info about it.He was nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter" because he always loved crocodiles.Steve was born 02/22/1962 in Essendon,Australia and died 09/04/2006 because of a sting-ray that had stabbed him in his chest he died before they got him to the hospital but this legend still lives on through this world and is still one has forgotten.

Sting Ray Barb

This is a picture of a Stingray Barb it can pierce many things it's very sharp & rigid as you can see and this is why it pierced Steve Irwin's Heart & Chest.

Sebastian Fuentes

I love to have fun and i love animals so this is why Steve was important to me.