Golden Gate Bridge

By: Dymand Simmons

San Francisco

San Francisco tourists say their favorite part of the Golden Gate Bridge is the orange reddish part. Golden Gate was built so strong, wind from the Pacific Ocean couldn't make it collapse. This bridge has 128 roadway lights. On a average day the bridge has over 118,000 vehicles cross. How many cars cross the bridge in a year?

The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, California.Created by Joseph Baermann Stratuss, who is the chief engineer.He instructed new safety measures of construction including protective netting to catch falling workers.Charles Alton Ellis was the structural designer, along with Leon S. Moiseff who represents John Roelding and Sons. Golden Gate represents a form of enviormental stewardship. The official start date of construction is January,5,1933. Took six months to build the Marin North Tower Pier. Which ended construction in May 1933. Soon aftert the San Francisco South Anchorage was constructed.

Here are some characteristics about the bridge.The color of the bridge is GGB International Orange, inspired by the hills of Marin County. It's 8,981 feet long and 1.7 miles longGolden's total weight was 887,000 tons and 500 feet about street level. The two towers hold up two steel cables anchoring the bridge. 80,000 miles of wire in each steel cable. It also stands 726 feet about water.

More characteristics about this famous bridge.The towers weigh 44,000 tons each. 4,200 feet apart from each other and 90 ft wide. Golden Gate has 6 driving lanes, 2 sidewalks, and the width of them are 62 feet between curbs. Sidewalks are 10 ft each and 200 ft above water.

Now the tragic suicides on this bridge.Nearly 1,600 people have died by jumping off this bridge. The average amount of bridge suicides is three per month. The first bridge suicide was in 1937 by World War l veteran Harold Wobber. Wobber reportedly said ''This is where I get off '' and jumped to his death. On most days the best thing to do is look straight down, it's a reminder to those on the bridge who are vulnerable see's the long drop.

Next the the unknown facts about the bridge. In case of an earthquake hits seismic engineers are running to design a retrofit of the bridge so they can ensure its secure when it hits. Two hundred ft drop and the San Andreas and Hayward faults have sparked and race to complete this task. Engineers believe the 1930's design won't stay standing when a major earthquake hits. Engineers believe the 1930's design would not stay standing when a major earthquake hits.

The historic events that have occurred on Golden Gate will forever be remembered. Today Golden Gate is one of the most visited landmarks. This bridge represents an enviormental stwewardship.

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