Andrew Jackson the bank killer

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina was mad about the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832 so they thought that they had the right as a state to nullify the tariffs. Jackson did not want this to happen so congress passed the force bill which gave jackson the power to make South Carolina pay the tariffs. South Carolina then threatened to secede. Jackson threatened to bring in the army and hang John C. Calhoun. So South Carolina then signed an agreement that said that the Tariffs wouldn't be as expensive but they still had to pay them.
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Jackson's Inauguration

Jackson's Inauguration was the complete opposite of George Washington's. Jackson's was more on the party side while Washington's was more serious and formal. Jackson's had a bunch of southerners come to his because it was open to all people and Washington had more upperclassmen come.
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Jackson and the Bank

Congress was trying to open a second bank of america. But Andrew Jackson did not want a bank. So when congress sent the bill up to Jackson he vetoed the bill which he did not win. So when it got sent up there again he said that they can pass the bill themselves, which is impossible because only the president of the United States can pass bills.
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Political Cartoon

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This cartoon to me shows that Andrew Jackson is a man who will get in a battle and win for his country. And the dead man on the ground to me represents someone who was against Jackson during his run for president and was protesting against Jackson being elected.

southerners letter

Andrew Jackson is the kind of guy that you want as a president. Don't you want somebody who will be willing to kill someone for your country? That's what this cartoon is showing. Jackson will lay down is life for our country and he's is obviously very good at doing it.

Northerners letter

This cartoon Shows that Andrew Jackson is a stone cold killer. Just like whenever he was killing all of those native Americans in Florida. Who's to say that he wont do the same to one of the states. Jackson is definetly not the kind of guy you want to be our president.