WAG: Week of May 11th

The Esperanza Way!


Shout out to Aracely and Yvonne for organizing the books in the B and C pod!

shout out to Maryam and Cristina for making donations to Salvation Army to help declutter their space.

Shout out to Mrs. Vaca for helping all staff feel appreciated!

Shout out to Mrs. Pena for handling all of the end of the year orders!



SSC: 2:00

Faculty meeting 3:00


critical friends


8:30 As a school we will give our third and final writing prompt assessment


critical friends


critical friends

upcoming events

  • kinder and 5th grade promotion
  • field day
  • final UFA (Open House)
  • grade level planning days
  • critical friends
  • June minimum days for report card conferences
  • third and final writing prompt
  • DRA, Dibles, SRI , and Star reading assessments due in June

At faculty meeting we will discuss all of the end of event the year times, assessments, and events

computer upgrade

We have begun the process of upgrading our classroom computers. We are exchanging our current classroom computers for refurbished computers. We are also connecting printers in each classroom. In preparation for your classroom computers to be upgraded please drag all of your files to the drive. Also if you have anything you need on the office computer please do the same. Drag your files to the drive. I am trying to place 2 computers in the office like we had before.



We are working together with Mrs. Sami and the district to take care of our roach problem. Multiple people form the district and extermination people have been on campus to help control the problem. They all have asked that we be very careful not to eat in the classrooms as they believe this is contributing to the problem. I do believe the majority of teachers have students eat snack at recess on the yard so please continue to do that. I will also make sure that after school program is not eating in the classrooms as well.


In an effort to declutter the classrooms lets begin to recycle, throw away, or donate unneeded items. I am happy to bring items to the Salvation Army that may not be used by our school but can be used by someone. It will be much easier if we begin to recycle now instead of wait until the end of the year when the bin is filled up. Please let me know if you have any unneeded items I can take to Salvation Army.

online resources

newela is an innovative way to build reading comprehension with relevant nonfiction

content related cartoon/videos

all content areas resources

The Esperanza Vision and Mission


Students engage in rigorous, high quality, biliterate academics which prepare them for college and career. Esperanza students and families take responsibility for their learning which allows them to be academically strong in two languages. With a growth mindset, they are unique individuals, who critically think and are determined to succeed. Students show respect for themselves, others and the environment.


Through PLC’s teacher are able to plan for mindful and purposeful instruction. Teachers collaborate to implement rigorous instruction, that meets the needs of all students. Teachers engage in peer observations to receive and give constructive feedback. Teachers use data to drive instruction and make clear plans for corrective instruction. We engage the family and community in quarterly meetings to review growth and set goals.