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About Minerals

Minerals are found in some foods. They are similar to vitamins. They help the body grow and develop. Minerals also help the body performing tasks such as making bones stronger, transmitting nerve impulses, and even maintaining a normal, healthy heartbeat.
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Major Sources of Minerals

  • Milk and dairy products (Ca)
  • Broccoli and dark leafy vegetables (Ca)
  • Soy foods (Fe)
  • Red meat (Fe)
  • Whole grain breads (Mg)
  • Nuts (Mg)
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Not Enough or Too Much?!?!?!?!

  • Deficiency depends on the mineral itself
  • Without Calcium, Bones don't grow as strong or straight
  • Iron deficiency causes decreased intelligence and the inability to carry healthy oxygen to organs in the body.
  • Too many minerals can cause a high toxicity!


Minerals are inorganic because they contain nonliving particles

In fruits and vegetables, there are tons of vegetables

Nearly every mineral is vital for a healthy body

Every whole grain is high in magnesium

Reactions between incomplete minerals can lead to full minerals

All meat contains minerals

Like Calcium, Phosphorous helps promote bone and teeth strength

Selenium deficiency can cause muscle pain or weakness and is related to Vitamin E