Cassie Logan

Character Sketch

" Let The Circle Be Unbroken " By: Mildred D. Taylor

Cassie Logan is the second oldest child in her family at the age of 10. She is the main character in "Let The Circle Be Unbroken" and is protective about her family and their land. The book takes place in the South during heavy segregation and Cassie's family experiences racism in their daily lives. Cassie experiences many events throughout the novel that help her gain a better understanding of life and society during the 1930s.


Cassie has a big imagination and is constantly questioning everything around her. As her older brother starts drifting away from her due to him growing up Cassie starts questioning his reasons and when her mother tells her its part of growing up she just can seem to believe it. This is just one instance where she questions the world around her. Many times in the novel she wonders why black children, girls especially, cannot play or talk to white children, mostly boys. She doesn't understand the reasoning or the beliefs of her uncle on this matter. She also believes that segregation is unfair and unjust. When her two brothers get escorted out of a whites only bathroom, Cassie does what comes to her naturally she asks questions.


Cassie acts with sass. She hates being pushed around and she doesn't stand to watch people make fun of her family. Cassie is headstrong and tough. She does not feel the need to act like a lady and feels free to get dirty when playing. She looks over her brothers younger or older. Cassie is the type of person who will let you know if she doesn't like you. She is honest and lets everyone know how she is feeling at the moment. She loves to play a game called marbles with her friends and she loves to walk and play on her family's land including the stream on their property. Cassie is a free-spirited character who is very wise for her young age.


Cassie is a person who speaks everything on her mind. She speaks when she is angry, sad confused, and happy. Words are something Cassie is good at putting together to speak. She doesn't always has nice things to tell you if you have angered her. When Cassie speaks her words are filled with sass and the occasional sarcasm.


Cassie is a young African American girl from the South. She has yellowish brown skin coloring and brown eyes. Her hair is described as long, thick, wavy, and bushy. Cassie is also described as having a slender figure


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Ria Philip

Mrs. Butler

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18 March 2016

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