Grant Griffin post-mortem

10 descriptive words

1. energetic

2. diligent

3. sympathetic

4. jaunty

5. easygoing

6. ambiguous

7. sophisticated

8. lanky

9. polite

10. outgoing

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my hobbies

My hobbies are baseball, football, and fishing.
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biggest influences in my life

The people that have the biggest influence in my are my parents, my brother and some other close family members.
Kenny Chesney - She's Got It All *Lyrics*

favorite book and movie

My favorite book is ray and me. my favorite movie is red dawn.


I be crushing it- brad paisley


NEVER bunt- Kent Murphy

places i've been that have impacted me

San Marcos because I started hitting really good there and got back in the groove.

my dreams are

To become a pro baseball player.

my work ethic is.......

I would say I am pretty diligent and try to always give it all i got.